Clubhouse Booking-OLD

This page is having technical issues

We are currently experiencing some technical issues with the online booking tool used for the past 5 years to book the Wilson Ferry Clubhouse.  In the interim, please use this link to reserve the clubhouse.  If you have attempted to reserve the clubhouse recently and HAVE NOT received a confirmation, it would be advisable to RE-SUBMIT your request via this form.

Expectations & Fees

The Wilson Ferry neighborhood clubhouse may be rented for events by scheduling below. The facilities rental fee is $40.00 per day and a Wilson Ferry Homeowner must be present during the entire event. Proper clean-up is required after each event. Failure to properly return the clubhouse to its original condition will result in a $100 clean-up fee and possible denial of future rentals.

Bookings confirmations are not real-time; as a result, dates may appear available until pending reservations are confirmed.


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